Logitech G600 MMO Mouse Review

For the past few months I have been using a new mouse from Logitech, the G600 which is designed specifically for use with massively multiplayer online games, though not exclusive to such. Previous to the G600 I had been using the same mouse for the past eight or so odd years, Logitech’s MX-518 gaming mouse. It served me well and still works as well as it did the day I un-boxed it and put it to use in Team Fortress 2, but recently I have been playing MMO’s like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 which promoted my search for a mouse that could help me manage all of the actions that those games require.

Logitech G600Probably the most iconic MMO styled mouse is the Razer Naga which was the first mouse to feature twelve buttons on its thumb side; however, I did quite a lot of research and the reviews are a mixed bag when it comes to not only the Naga, but the overall quality of Razer products. Now that’s not to say that most people who use the Naga swear by it and love it, but as someone who has never been let down by Logitech and was currently still using one of their mice that had lasted me for so many years, I just couldn’t rationalize jumping ship to buy a Razer product. Add to it the fact that Logitech now makes their own Naga styled MMO mouse, and the choice wasn’t a choice at all.

The G600 is quite amazing and has some features that out class the Naga like the G-Shift third mouse button that when held down will double the functions of the twelve thumb buttons, enabling you to bind up to 24 actions onto them. The buttons (they are buttons btw, not mechanical keys like the Naga has, more on that below) are divided up into two groups of six and each button is formed a bit differently to give them each a unique feel so finding the one you want to push is relatively easy. The twelve buttons are back lit by RGB LED’s, and you can set them to any color of the rainbow and with different lighting effects. The G600 is of solid build quality and it fits wonderfully into the palm of my hand, but I will admit it does take some getting use to as it is much wider than a normal mouse like he one I had previous. It has a tilting scroll wheel which also middle clicks, and two other buttons right behind the wheel which can be programmed (default they change the mouse profile, and open your inventory in most MMO) within the Logitech gaming software control panel which is a great piece of software. It also boasts a whopping 8200DPI laser sensor which is overkill for most games and windows use but it is a pretty standard DPI nowadays.

The pricing on Logitech’s website sits at $79.99, I personally found mine on sale from Amazon and paid just shy of $45 after taxes, it comes in both black and white with black trim. I am completely satisfied with that price, and probably would pay the asking price if need be as I believe in Logitech’s quality and customer service if any trouble were to arise.

G600 vs NagaI do have some complaints, a few things that I think they can easily improve upon with future versions of this mouse. Firstly the twelve thumb buttons; I think that they would function much better if they were indeed mechanical keys. They can be pretty stiff to depress and they do lack a responsiveness that mechanical function would greatly improve upon. Secondly I do wish that they would have added more LED’s to the G600– like the Naga has on the scroll wheel and around the base. Overall I am quite satisfied. The buttons take over the roll of keyboard keys that are hard to reach and help me avoid miss keying actions in my favorite MMO’s as well as adding extra buttons for numerous other games to utilize (I still play Team Fortress and other FPS’s, the extra buttons are great for reloading, grenades, callouts, etc) and even windows actions can be bound!

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