Valiant Hearts: A Great Game

The first free game for the month of October on Xbox Live Gold is: Valiant Hearts: The Great War, a story intense action puzzler based in the trenches of World War I. You take control of a cast of characters whose stories weave in and out of one an others as you guide them through the ups and downs of life during the war. The game play is reminiscent of old school puzzle games like Monkey Island and the like, but much more action orientated. It can also be quite challenging as you must memorize certain sequences to get past sections and sometimes the answer to puzzling portions can be staring you right in the face and still be unclear, tho all very solvable. Graphically the game is beautiful, the art style is a perfect balance to the deep sometimes very dark emotional overtones that make up the story. The sound design is spot on as well. I was able to play through it on normal difficulty and reach the end credits in a very enjoyable six hours or so.


I really enjoy this sort of take on a game about a war, where its not just you running around with a gun shooting everybody you come across into a faint red mist. Your actions have very real consequences. The game has achievements and some 100 items for collection that you find all through the game along with historical facts and letters from each of the characters written to one an other. I was very surprised by this one and recommend that you go download and play it immediately, after all it is free with your Gold membership! Enjoy.

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